I am dedicated to the
Safety and Security 
of all people 
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About Michelle Nickleberry
Michelle is the owner of E 3 Defensive Strategies, a company that is dedicated to the safety and security of all people at all times.  Michelle’s experience is quite varied and extensive as she has been in the firearms industry for over 30 years.  She is a former Dallas Police Officer/Detective/Senior Corporal with special assignments in Vice, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Task force and Narcotics.  

Michelle has been a public speaker for over 30 years and travels nationwide and internationally speaking on gun safety, work place violence, graphology (hand writing analysis) and autism (she has a daughter who sees life through the eyes of the autism spectrum).  

She is also licensed to teach the State of Texas License to Carry classes and certified by the NRA to teach basic pistol, home firearm safety, Refuse to be a Victim and personal protection in the home classes.  She is also a Chief Range Safety Officer.  

Michelle and her husband have 5 children and live in Texas.
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1:54 Children has Autism in the US
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