E 3 Defensives Strategies
E3 Firearm Training specializes in firearm instruction both private and group classes.  Classes can be tailored to your specific needs.   There are basic pistol classes leading to License to Carry classes and then ultimately the defensive pistol classes.   We cater to the novice shooter and also to the experienced shooter looking for a challenge.  We have classes for girl’s night out, bachelor/bridal parties, team building experiences and just plain fun.  

E3 Firearm Training also specializes in classes specific to women of all ages.  We want to ensure that women feel empowered to protect themselves as well as their families. We have seminars for young women heading to college to train them in self-defense and situational awareness; to give not only their parents peace of mind, but to also educate each young woman in feeling empowered to protect themselves.  

E3 Firearm Training also has a division which works with corporations to help them identify potential workplace violence scenarios and to train their leaders on how to protect their staff in an active shooter situation.  We also speak to employees about how to potentially survive an active shooter scenario.  

If it’s safety related……WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED.

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